Cass has two major passions:   One is her Doberman’s (Doberman Gang movie in the 1970’s started this love) and the other is Photography, (started being a little chronicler at the age of 8 ).   Cass sees everything thru a lens of a camera.  It is rare to find her without some sort of camera gear.  Documenting life, revealing and recording details and creating art from everyday life is a cherished daily experience.

“My wish would be to impact people’s lives (in a positive way) with my images, (this journey revealed and recorded one image at a time unfolding a lifetime of stories and cherished moments).  To grow into an amazing photographer and journalist.  Hopefully make some money with my talents and hard work.   I love it if I provide a little inspiration to others along the way.  I try to give more than I get…. And last, but not least,  as I see it…. it always feels good to be appreciated and particularly, as an artist … while you are alive!  YeeHaa! what fun that would be!”

All images and content are copyright of Cass Greene and cannot be used without permission.

 If you would like to feature some of my images in your blog or site, please contact me first.  

I enjoy and value working with good people! Plus, I try to practice the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as You would have them do unto You.” Long forgotten maybe, but still  a good value to live by!

 For commercial use, publication and general distribution, please inquire about standard licensing rates at cassgreene@pacbell.net,  or you may find some of my images licensed thru istockphoto.com/cassp.

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