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Day at the Docks…..

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Chef Chad White …..

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Boat Owner | Sea Adventure II | Chuck Taft

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Signaling the official start of Southern California spring salt-water fishing season, Day at the Docks, April 17, 2011, is the West Coast’s largest public celebration of sports-fishing.    The annual event is held at the Port of San Diego and fishing boats host tours and local chefs tantalize your taste buds with fresh fish and produce compliments of Catalina Offshore Products and Specialty Produce.

Chef Chad is featured here in my food blog,  he prepared Halibut sashimi,pickled strawberries, meter lemon, orange, baby celery and micro citrus greens, and Serano hot peppers.    He demonstrated how to fillet, skin and de-bone the fresh catch of the day and a little information about the exuberant baby celery, peppers and pickled strawberries.

Happy faces beamed with delight and seconds were requested by the kids!  Healthy meals for sure and delicious!     Sea Adventure was our host!   A gorgeous sunshine perfect typical San Diego Day at the Docks!

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