To the Point

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It’s been a hectic crazy week, filled with good things!  But I am so behind in my post production work and I’m heading off to another photoshoot!  Oh my Gosh,  when it rains it pours, but who’s complaining?  Not me!
Marty is on a plane somewhere between East and West Coast,  he had a 2 hour wait at the airport between connections and so I sent him some iphone shots as we chatted. Just as he gets in,  I’ll be leaving for my for my four hour drive.  So I’ll be up earlier than my usual 4:30am.
I ran my errands to get ready for this little trip,  I stopped at Peoples Organic Food Market in Ocean Beach where it’s just the friendliest place in town to people and dogs!   Also they have tomatoes with flavor so if I don’t have time to run to farmers market or specialty foods,  I can just bike on down to Peoples.   Also along the way is one of my newest favorite spots to stop, To The Point,…which is also dog friendly and the happiest people working there of anywhere I’ve ever been!   Amy is just soooooo nice, well they all are!  I’m just getting to know Amy because she’s been there most of the time I go which is usually with my husband and dogs after dog bath days.    I always have my trusty camera and they make my plates just beautiful for me to do my thing!
For late lunch today,  I had a BLT and Tomato bisque….  it was so good!   But I had to wrap a portion of my sandwich up and you know, it will brownbag well for my photo trip.  We are going to be hiking a lot in and out of canyons… so I’m sure it might even taste better when I pull it out of my lunch bag!
2011.06.10 07 39 27 AM DSC_0260copy_1
Oh almost forgot,  today’s water was lavender infused and so pleasant.   R and I Love Lavender, we grow it,  we use it all over the house and to have with refreshing water was quite nice.
They were telling me of a new thing they just started, for every other Thursday is “Film Night”….  They will bring together three art forms – cinema, culinary art and wine appreciation.  It is such a great find for us,  I just wanted to let you know about it too!
This post is short and sweet, cause I’ve got to go…just wanted to keep in touch!   Love to hear from you too!  Please don’t be shy,  just drop me a note,  it will lift my spirits to hear from you!
Enjoy &  repost on FaceBook or Twitter.   Don’t forget to follow me on my Face Book Page,  I’m offering free high res images there while I’m trying to spread the word.

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  1. Love the post and love the Point!

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