Mini- Vacation

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I had an amazing weekend of sort of fun filled vacation type photography.  It was relaxing and most enjoyable, shared with two other photographer friends, Lee and Shelly.   I’ll go into more detail on another blog about each segment of what I thought was the highlights,  but this post is more of a summary of just how happy it felt to just feel and see things I love.

2011.06.04 10 23 27 AM _CAS5427

The eye that sees....

I can’t tell you how frequently I’m told by people; “gosh you have the most fun job” and they are right it is, but there is so much hard work and 90% of it is behind the scenes, not behind the camera.  There is a lot of desk time, computer time, marketing time, post production time,  all those things are not sometimes as much fun as the actual shooting time.   My camera is heavy and since I never know just what I’ll need I try to take enough to get me thru most any situation,  I try to make myself notes so if I ever go back I can regroup or better manage my amount of gear.  For example,  I went to Japan in October 2010 and I didn’t really take much more than I needed but there was a couple of things I did not use ever and I doubt I would if I went again.   I make an extensive packing check list before any trip or job so I have a record for myself what I left with, used or didn’t and it also helps me keep track of inventory.
2011.06.04 10 15 45 AM _CAS5367
This trip was all about having an enjoyable time and clearing my head of work work work…now when you do what you are most passionate about,  it doesn’t always “feel” like work, but it also never stops, never ends, always in the brain and always a camera in my hand… I’ve been this way since 8 years old pretty much.  It drives a lot of people nuts cause I’m so passionate and enthusiastic about it all and I just want to “document” life as I see it.
2011.06.04 10 41 02 AM _CAS5534
My whole experience of life in general is thru the lens of my camera… I truly want to be documenting the moment and when someone tells me I can’t have a camera,  I just lose a little bit of my spunk, cause that’s stealing my moments from me and I cherish my camera connection,  I really do.   I’ve often been called “The Little Chronicler” and then other times, some people can get pretty annoyed with all that enthusiasm and energy and they can do a pretty good job with a creative person at cutting me right down to size so I have to find ways to rejuvenate myself.  This weekend was more about that, clearing my head, hearing my thoughts, feeling connected to my own being, without having to “fit” into someone’s ideas of what I should feel or be… I could just be… how cool is that? Way Cool! I say!   I actually wished …on a few moments, I could stop time and just hold on to that moment forever!  It was just that good for me!   Well, we all know we can’t do that and so we balance life out with those other moments where you hope you make it thru!  ha!  There were not many of those this weekend thankfully!

Old glass vase with wheat grass back lit in window of old store

The thing about the photographer breed,  we get up before sunrise and we go to bed well after sunset and the biggest moments in any day is that 20 minutes either side of sunrise and sunset where the light might be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and you just know there is a God somewhere doing all this beautiful stuff and then you wonder why he can’t let everyone see it and then the world would be a more peaceful place I’m so sure of that, cause it’s these moments in time that I feel so spiritual and serene and balanced in my soul.
2011.06.04 10 23 50 AM _CAS5429
The other thing about going on a photo mini-trip with fellow photographers is we know when to just be quiet and be in the moment…. I think we each have that same sort of spiritual place we go to in those few seconds and just that 20 minutes in time where the light is just right,  where you can see details normally not seen and we don’t want to destroy it for ourselves or others… we respect the universe and each other greatly in those times…. where, what I like to refer to as “normal” people would be yammering the whole time about something until the 20 minutes passed and you never got to go to that really special place in your soul.
2011.06.04 03 24 14 PM _CAS6215
Now mind you once those frames are taken and the light has moved on we share the experiences if we want to with each other and we always love sharing the images we captured!    So here are a few that just touch the tip of the jam packed weekend for me and sometime later,  I’ll fill in some more details…. with images.   So if you believe a picture is worth a thousand words,  then I can save myself some time and be quickly in touch with you today with a few of my memories…..    Where we are is not as important as just being in the moment and I think what is special for one person is not always as special for another… sometimes I can ponder something for hours and then other times, I start to get bored and “Next”,  as Lee would say.

My friend, Shelly, sent this photo she got of me with the Wild Mustangs...

Scroll over the image for brief description or click for large size view.    Please enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful stories on sweetpealifestyles. Read throguh them all this morning. Thanks for posting!

  2. Absolutely love your website and your blogs!!!

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