Sea Rocket | Chef Chad | Three Year Anniversary…. New Trends!

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Sea Rocket Bistro 3 Year Anniversary

My friend Chef Chad launched the 3 year anniversary of Sea Rocket as their new Executive Chef.   I went over for the evening,  arriving around 5 and hanging out until about 9:30pm.   It was a fun evening for me,  I love documenting and capturing the “essence” of an event, evening, or as I fondly refer to those classic slices of life…. As a photographer,  sometimes, I don’t get to relax and enjoy the moments with everyone else, cause I’m working.  Events like this one,  allowed me to be able to share the action, grab a plate or drink – photograph it and then devour it!  What a delight.  I also knew many of the guests and that made it fun to visit.   In addition,  I met new friends and created new opportunities.

This little girl was so adorable in her little hat and with her scooter.

Her Dad was teaching her manners,  telling her to wait to be served as the style of the evening was servers coming around with trays of delights to sample.   The funny part was, she was so patient and because she was small,  she often got over looked… so she went to the manager, Derry, and politely told him she had missed some of the items and really wanted to have a chance to sample everything.  He assured her he would take care of that.

Also there was a Collaboration Kitchen event on Sunday, that I was going to miss and they are one of my favorite things to do!  I did however, meet Chef Julie who was the honored Chef for the event and we hit it off.  You know when you meet someone and things just “click” and how all your sentences start to run together because you segue  from one thing to another so quickly?  Well that’s Julie and me and we set up a time in the near future to get together.  I’ll share more of that which in itself is very cool and amazing.

Crowds turned out to see the new signs, taste the new menu and mingle with locals in the North Park area.  Also I observed,  bicyclist would come in with their boxes to return for a pick up of fresh local farm produce.   Sea Rocket is a drop point for local farmers to bring goodie boxes of their organically grown crops right into town for people to enjoy.   I asked to see in the box of one of the ladies as she strapped it to her custom bike mini-trailer.  She said, it’s always a surprise we never know what we are getting, but we are always happy!  It’s packed full of fresh vegetables and fruit.   It was!

Sea Rocket brings the best wild and sustainably caught local seafood, organic fresh produce and get ready….. they are going to have Monday Night Burger Night!  I have often gone with Chef Chad to shop for his daily menu and that’s usually a trip to Catalina Offshore Products for the fresh fish from Tommy and produce comes from both local farmers markets and Speciality Produce.  Sometimes,  much like my work, there is way more going on behind the scenes than just in the kitchen.  By the time people are arriving for their tasty meal,  the staff has been polishing glasses and silverware,  shopping for all of that day’s menu, done on a daily basis so you get to enjoy the most fresh food of the season and it’s all local.  I can only imagine running a restaurant is much like entertaining guest every day!  Ye Gads!  Think about it…. that’s amazing!

I was super tired by the end of 4-5 hours of mingling and shooting and I headed home,  pleasantly full and tired is a good combination for a photographer.  I look forward to the next day which was going to be totally different but what a wonderful way to take this journey pixel by pixel for me. Although I don’t think much about actual pixels,  I think more about what something looks like at that moment in time and then… and then,  sometimes, it takes on a whole different look a few minutes later, as the light changes, the plates are clean, the  whole mood changes and evolves…. I enjoy watching all that metamorphosis… crazy me, but I really do!


I remember one guy asking me if I thought what I was shooting was “a worthy subject” and I was so  taken back by the question.  In my mind,  most things are worthy subjects it just depends on the time of day, the lighting, the moments, the occasion, the experience…. I am still pondering that one…. I guess we creative types are strange creatures to some people… but hey to me it’s just all about the moments in time and finding something beautiful about each moment may be a bigger challenge for some than others…… sometimes I feel that challenge, but not on this night.  

Please enjoy and remember the slide show has more images so don’t miss it …share this link on Twitter and Facebook….

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