Spirit of Aloha

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Just the right amount of work and vacation time….

Well as we say good-bye “Aloha” to the Islands….. I’ll post a few of my favorite textures.  Most of my eats were iPhone uploads to FaceBook…. once I get back and have my moments to ponder,  I’ll fill in the blanks of the last few weeks and there have been many many amazing foods, people, experiences….

I’ve had very little computer time or access..which you know,  sometimes I think that is a good thing to force us to be in the moment, tasting life right then and there.  As much as I love to share, sometimes, I never hear a peep from anyone so I don’t know if the sharing aspect is as important as the “living” times of life…maybe sometimes,  our moments are just our own but I sure enjoy hearing and seeing others experiences and WOW did I get some of that on this trip!  

What wonderful people I’ve met.  Well I just don’t have the luxury of time to tell you all about it right now,  but my passion and love for textures…. compelled me to just do a quick goodbye note and see you when I get back home for more things you might not normally see.

Hope you enjoy!




Aloha….. Island of Oahu..

All my iPhone images on Face Book as we checked in from place to place….

As always,  enjoy the slide show for multiple images….. Loved hearing from all of you and sharing our time on the Islands together around the world!

2 responses to “Spirit of Aloha

  1. Great shots, I really love reading travel blogs such as this it feels like I’ve been there but not really there.

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