Refreshing Cucumber | Kiwi | Mint | Cilantros | Lime Crush

Well it’s been ages since I’ve posted it seems but trust me I’ve been super busy!  I think I have too many irons in the fire and maybe none of them getting hot as my Grandma would say…..

This is a very short post… but I just sort of  made up a refreshing drink with some of my favorite things.  The heat in San Diego has been unusually hot and a number of other things going on too…    so I decided I needed a treat of some sort…. I really enjoyed this light tasty – thirst quenching drink!

I took some fresh mint and cilantro from my herb garden and used a mortar to crush it up a bit…. put all the crush plus juice into a tall tumbler.   Next I did the same with cucumber, just sort of mushing it up a bit…. and dumped it right into the glass.

I thinly sliced some kiwi and lime… added them… …thennnnnnn   I just poured ice-cold seltzer water into the glass, let it sit just briefly and slurped it up.    I really found it refreshing!

I think it would be even better in the blender with some ice and make it into a smoothie.     Add a touch of rum maybe… hummm, open for other ideas.

Refreshing, light, and easy to make… I  don’t particularly like “sweet” so I did not add any type of sugar.


One response to “Refreshing Cucumber | Kiwi | Mint | Cilantros | Lime Crush

  1. Refreshing! Thanks for sharing.

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