Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Thai Fruit Carving – Elegance

There is a long tradition of intricate art around fruit carving in Thailand, especially in preparation of food for the Royal Family.  In San Diego,  we have a diversity of Asian population.  Recently I attended a celebration of peoples from Asia and the Pacific Islands.  

I  was lucky to travel to Korea and Japan in the Autumn of 2010 and I love the Arts and traditions of these cultural groups and enjoy the education, experience and SHARE greatly their LOVE for photography and making art out of sometimes nothing much at all… the true joy of seeing, creating and being in “a moment” is a treasure… a gift not to be so rushed that we don’t even enjoy the delights of such simple pleasure.  

I feel these moments are the greatest treasures and simply the most important of all.  I wish I could surround myself with an abundance of people who cherish the artful journey.  I believe “we” inspire and that’s a gift of itself… is it not?

Collaboration Kitchen – Success

100% of ALL proceeds will go to charities through Fruit of the Soul!

If you like this post,  please pass it forward in FaceBook or Twitter….  If you like this event… better make your RSVP as soon as the next one is announced… they sell out in less than an Hour!   We did 100 plates last night!                                                   To see more of my images about Collaboration Kitchen Team go to CassGreenePhotography.com and click on Events.