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The Simple side of Breakfast

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Sometimes I think how simple it is to have something we maybe take for granted in our daily habits go from “ordinary to extraordinary”.    My husband laughs at me cause I’m always talk about ambiance…. whether it’s a candle lit just to give that pretty glow light or the beautiful morning light with a soft cloth napkin, a pretty glass, a daisy petal on my plate, or just the dog’s nose so hard at work to capture the smells of daily life….

I cherish it all every single day and I capture some part of it each and every day with my camera lens a little bit.  This makes me happy and I sort of freeze that moment in time that I can come back to again and again…. and I do as I tend to cogitate life frequently!

Awwww….it’s sometimes just the “simple” things that make life so special to me! I call that “Appreciation”;  a special gift of being self aware enough to “See” and seeing is an Art.  (hence The Art of Seeing)

Sometimes I think I was “born” this way (I guess I was to some extent, cause I’ve have always been more than a little passionate with my photography and making “sets” to make my eyes dance with the light since about the age of 8 years old) and sometimes I think after surviving 3 cancers that dominated about 15 years of my total life… you just “see” and “appreciate” and “desire” beauty maybe in a little different perspective, I don’t know for sure… but I do all I can to create the most simple pleasures, that many others may never stop to see, into my cherished memories and moments of a lifetime for myself… I think about is as the Everyday lifestyles made a little fuller, a little richer, a little more memorable with just that extra moment to give it a  “thoughtful” touch.

Enjoy and take a moment to be give a little joy along your journey… while it’s all about your life… life has more meaning when you give back a little.  Thanks for the memories! Classic… Now Share & Enjoy!

Fishing Docks 6:30am

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We love Sunday morning to go down with the Dobies to the watch the fishing boats arrive with their Catch!   I photograph while Raleigh sniffs the air as if he is in absolute heaven… I swear,  I think this pup is part cat… he loves being around the fish and is so interested.

I noticed they were cutting one tail fin off each fish and I asked why?  They said that sport fish catches could not be used for commercial use and this tagged the fish for the Dept of Fish and Game.

Wasn’t anything big like some mornings… but we still enjoy the walk and morning air there on the docks.. the fisherman are all friendly and nice and sometimes super excited about their fish!  It’s just another pleasant way to start a good day!

Enjoy & Share