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Radishes good for treating thyroid imbalances

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If you are like me, you avoid the doctor unless necessary.  But I ask myself often,  do they NOT read journals and magazines and current trends of things?  Why is it that the thyroid is so misdiagnosed and even if you go in fully armed with a journal of events for changes in your own body, they still tell you that your T4 and T3 are in “normal ranges”.  Who’s normal?  Clearly not what I had before they insisted on removing one of my body parts that I was using quite well .. thank you!

I had Thyroid surgery in 2003 and that changed my life more than anything I can remember.  I went from a hyper 90 pound little thing, sleeping less than 5 hours a night and could practically move mountains with my energy… once they removed a portion of thyroid, I felt tired, gained weight, loss my hair and all these things made me depressed on top it all.

Well life has never been the same since for me.  I quickly realized that doctors do not know what is “normal” for my body and frankly they didn’t care as long as I “fit” into a “category” nicely for them, they were happy with their work.  Well I was not!  Deluded doctors and test results that fall within “norm” are unsatisfactory to me… Gosh, don’t think anyone in my life ever described is as “norm”..ha!  I don’t think doctors believe as much in vitamins, food values and nutrition as I do and I’m not sure it’s part of their medical training?  Well I have devoted my entire lifetime to eating healthy and being part Cherokee Indian,  I also believe in a lot of natural remedies.

I’ve continued to search and look for ways to boost my thyroid naturally and avoid doctors and medicines as much as possible.  I have found sometimes a little success.  I found that Russia has used radishes for treating thyroid imbalances, particularly black radishes but red ones as well.   Another great help is coconut oil and I have used that for many years now.   Just a tidbit of information worth researching if you feel you have a thyroid problem and the doctors just don’t understand you.  I LOVE radishes and will look for ways to add them to my meals and snacks!  Good Luck and let me know if you have any success!

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