Daily Archives: May 22, 2011

Weekends on the West Coast

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You know it’s just magic sometimes to get up early and go out before the world wakes up…. the things you see, smell, do, ¬†are all different before 7am and it’s my favorite time of day…watching the sun rise, seeing the light change, watching my Dobies sniff the air… seeing young kids out that early in the city on their skate boards or bikes… it’s just magical to me! No words or feelings are quite like that “before the rest of the world awakes” time! ¬†Maybe it’s those days on the farm of getting up so early to beat the heat of the day to complete our chores… I don’t know but I cherish the solitude and the rare breed that is up and out to see the sun rise and I’m glad it’s only a few of mostly us dog lovers!