Memorial Day… hope it was thought provoking for you.. it should be I believe, after-all, somebody gave their life for YOU to have today… A Day…just the way you wanted it to be.

A time for reflection, memories, realizing others live in our space, our world and sometimes we are so caught up in ourselves we fail to realize that we may be thoughtless or have a complete disregard for others that might need a tender touch at this moment in time.

As humans we should know how to do that…but I can tell you the best teachers for that is our paw friends…. dogs just know how to love unconditionally while at the same time know how to sniff out phony or mean spirited people where we humans are sucked into fame and fortune and lose sight of what may be real. If that is the case… then what the heck are we teaching our children??? Be careful Children learn what they live….  here’s a good role model image to have…

Local Heros


Well today hopefully if you were selling something, you made record sells… I wish you all success but hopefully you took time to realize some people, many people in this country at this time have made sacrifice so you could have those benefits.

Greed, my Dad always said is the root cause of all relationships ending and mean spirited behaviors consuming people… we sometimes think poor people or street people will steal from us and we don’t feel comfortable being near them when in reality, more often than not, rich people become obsessed with success and there is an insatiable pallet that cannot be satisfied at any expense and eventually the only outcome is self destruction.

That is why we have these “holidays” or “vacations” to take a break, realize there is more to gets more and more difficult with technology and being so connected yet so distant in our relationships….people are important, friendships are everything and being nice is just as good as it gets.

  This is just one of ohhhh so many expressions of love…..  click this link to see a lovely photographers heartfelt images.
So if you forgot, got to busy or caught up in your “me syndrome” do remember all these fallen soldiers and the people they left behind today if only once in 365 days… take a moment… you will feel good about yourself and the world if you do…I promise…No big deal, just quietly, reverently, respect our Freedom and the cost of it.
A photographer or Artist hopes with all their heart and soul to “make an impact” “make a difference” “show others  what we see”…. Sometimes,often, we are valued long after we are gone; sadly I think but a fact that could be changed by… YOU.  I think Laura does a beautiful job of revealing her emotion in her images!  Hopefully you can feel it and share both the joy and sorrow.   Sometimes pain can bring emotions to the surface that all can feel and share.
I personally do feel and I’m glad I do and if you are just too busy to, then I’ll feel for you too. ©CassGreene

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