On the road during June….. lots of travel days…

During the month of June I will be on a lot of business travel.  I will try to blog as much as I can and sometimes I may combine locations…. I hope you enjoy traveling with me….I think you will be surprised by the variety of terrain, foods and activities…. so sit back, relax and let’s see where we are next…. for sure there will be eats along the way and expresso coffees is one of my favorite travel delights!

I’m not the best traveler,  some people just love it …. well I’m not one of those really.   I guess once I get some place I’m happy to be there,  it’s the travel part I dislike… you know the airport, the slumping of bags and I have to travel with so much gear and I want it to NOT get broken.  Also I don’t always know just what I need for each location so I try to plan how I will move around once I get there and what backpacks or special bags I will need.   I’m very lucky in that my husband is a world traveler and he loves it.  In addition, he has a lot of perks being a frequent flyer and hotel accommodations, rental cars, etc.   Nice!

The pups love their Pro-Train Camp and that makes things worry free for us cause they are pretty dog-gone special dogs!  Q loves it there and R,  he’s more of a frat-boy and gives us sad eyes when we leave.   Well I have a lot of planning and packing and last minute things so off we go!

Please enjoy……….

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